Site Built Air Collectors (SBAC's)

A SBAC is typically a simple box with a transparent cover that will allow the energy of the sun to strike a black surface (also called an absorber) and heat up.  After the absorber heats up (usually around 80-90 oF) a fan will turn on allowing the heat to be processed for differing applications, such as wintertime space heating or hot water heating. Typically, SBAC’s are most economical when they are utilized for winter space heating, as it greatly reduces the complexity of the design, and the materials that must be installed.   It has been proven that SBAC’s are an exceptionally economical application of renewable energy in the Reno Tahoe Area.  Below is a figure of a typical solar air collector, along with local examples.

typical design
Typical Design
application in reno
Application in Reno
application in incline village
Application in Incline Village

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