Marc Bender

Recently certified HERS Rater and youngest in the United States. Marc has been working for Bender Engineering since June of 2021. Does our Energy Compliance testing along with filling out CF2R forms to help clients get to final. Marc is currently going to school at Chapman University down in Orange County and works at Bender Engineering throughout the summer’s and breaks during his school year. Marc is very athletic training for marathons, skiing, on a soccer club, and playing basketball recreationally. In addition to his responsibilities at Bender Engineering, Marc produces and helps run The Locker Room podcast with his friend Wyatt Lister. They interview college athletes on the recruiting process and what has led them to their success. On the side, Marc also has his own Expanding Growth podcast while running a YouTube channel all on self-improvement. Despite Cameron not being related to Jeff Bender, Marc is actually Jeff’s son.

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