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Energy Audits / HERS Verification

Utilizing the rebates from your local utility, Bender Engineering and Construction can get your project started with the Energy Audit and identification of energy improvement measures to installing them. From window and lighting upgrades to complex heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) and plumbing systems, together we can accomplish your energy goals.  We can perform ASHRAE Level I, II and III energy audits on commercial buildings and HERS based residential energy audits.  Our residential energy audits include a blower door (envelope leakage) test, duct leakage test, infrared thermal imaging scan of the home, review of the installed systems and energy efficiency improvement recommendations all summarized in a final report.

Our HERS verification work can include helping you complete all the CF-1R (energy modeling for the permit), CF-2R and of course the CF-3R documents.  The HERS verification tests we form are: duct leakage testing; blower door/envelope leakage testing; quality installation of insulation (Qii); High R-value SPF insulation; equipment verification, IAQ/MV for the whole house fan; fan watt draw; etc.  We are certified and current with the 2013 and 2016 California Energy Code with CalCerts.